U19 Aces

The U19 Aces are coached this season by Curtis Olsen. They will compete in the Bob Styner Division of the Saskatoon Amateur Softball Association this summer. Congratulations to the young ladies who were selected to wear the orange and navy this season.

  1. Olivia Woytiuk

  2. Kiana Mullner

  3. Erin Kirkland

  4. Saige Tondell

  5. Carnell Olsen

  6. Rori-Ann Armitage

  7. Kaitlyn Cadrain

  8. Jamirah Stonestand-Williams

  9. Mady Martin

  10. Alexis Gerski

  11. Jazlyn Pshebnicki

  12. Jayde Hinson

  13. Olivia Parker

  14. Brooklyn Anderson