U14 "A" Aces

The U14 "A" Aces are coached this season by Scott Reed, Rick Wasutyk, Brad Beaton, and Colleen Acorn. Congratulations to the young ladies who were selected to wear the orange and navy this season.

  1. Martina Moore

  2. Sarah McNabb

  3. Abby Wasutyk

  4. Jensen Beaton

  5. Gracie Reed

  6. Haiden Armitage

  7. Veneece Chu

  8. Anna Hryciuk

  9. Kadence Dansereau

  10. Chantel Dmytrow

  11. Marin Acorn

  12. Khloe German

U14 "B" Aces

The U14 "B" Aces are coached by Michelle Bonstrom and Mike Mourot. Congratulations to the girls who made the team!

  1. Leigha Dunn

  2. Bailey Peake

  3. Kate Mourot

  4. Peyton Grimard

  5. Jaelynne Fjeld

  6. Danika Skoworodko

  7. Lyla Neubuhr

  8. Molly Baillargeon

  9. Brooklyn Sorenson

  10. Geslaine Gamble

  11. Jorja Parker