U12 "A" Aces

The U12 "A" Aces are coached this season by Kalen Kovitch, Curtis Bradbury, Brad Casavant, and Leeann Bonneville. The Aces will compete in the Saskatoon Minor Softball League this summer. Congratulations to the young ladies who were selected to wear the orange and navy this season.

  1. Hannah Braaten

  2. Layah Mitchell

  3. Ava Weatherbee

  4. Alex Jacobson

  5. Avie Kovitch

  6. Cailyn Bradbury

  7. Hayden Casavant

  8. Arianna See

  9. Mya Brown

  10. Maddison Amyotte

  11. Jayda Finch

  12. Erica Moore

  13. Tessa Quirion

U12 "B" Aces

The U12 "B" Aces are coached by Trina Bell, Darcy Boisson, and Richelle Lambiris. Congratulations to the girls who made the team!

  1. Kiersten Buniak

  2. Berkly Bell

  3. Averie Harris

  4. Abby Hawryluk

  5. Sam Boisson

  6. Jenna Riddell

  7. Sarah Edwards

  8. Harper Kinash

  9. Danica Roberts

  10. Addison Laprise

  11. Kali Banting

  12. Madelyn Gordon